In 2008 we changed our name to include the word ‘heritage’ and added the subtitle ‘archaeology, ecology, geology and history’. We realised that archaeology is closely linked to other work and wanted to widen our range of interests and activities. It’s the idea of ‘heritage’ that links these interests together: the sites and features we inherit from the past that are still important to communities now. This is why people want to record and look after them. Once they disappear they’re gone forever…


At that time Boston Spa Parish Council was focussing on managing the riverside paths and woodland. In order to help inform their work there they asked us to do a heritage survey of the Deep Dale to Holgate stretch, looking particularly at the ecology of the woodland and hedgerows, but also the history and archaeology. As the survey developed we soon realised that the geology of the riverside cliffs had to be included too. An illustrated report was produced for the Parish Council in 2009 and extra copies given to the local libraries. The report provided the inspiration for an interactive ‘Heritage Trail’ on our former website. (This is to be re-published on our new site as soon as possible.)

The same belief in recording our heritage, so that people know it’s there and can enjoy it, lies behind the current project we are working on: the local heritage list. As requested by West Yorkshire Archaeology Advisory Service, we have compiled a list of local heritage assets which are valued in the area, including archaeology, ecology, history and geology. So far we have completed the Boston Spa section. One of its aims is to raise awareness of the rich and interesting heritage we have all around us. It is also intended that Parish Councils will be able to refer to the lists as they develop their neighbourhood plans.

There is more information on our ‘Heritage List’ page and copies of the heritage list can be read or downloaded from there or by clicking on the link below. Members of the public are invited to help with suggestions for future versions of the list. Email us via our ‘Contact’ page and we will send you a form on request.

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