On our ‘Articles’ page there is an expert article written by members of the geological fraternity explaining how our magnesian limestone rocks in Boston Spa and Thorp Arch, with their unusual riverside cliffs and formations, were formed in the warm saline waters of the Zechstein sea near the equator some 250 million years ago. Alternatively you can read it by clicking   View Here   It’s an amazing story, however expertly or inexpertly you tell it.

If you don’t fancy that approach, there will be some pictures here soon that were taken when some of us were working with the experts recording what we have here. The project is on-going and one of the outcomes was an interesting pamphlet produced in 2012 called ‘Boston Spa Riverside Cliffs: Rocks and Landscapes’. It’s designed for members of the public and is available in local libraries and Yeadon’s Hardware Store in Boston Spa High Street.