Heritage Trail

  • The Boston Spa Riverside Trail – Deep Dale to Holgate

This feature will grow as material is being added so feel free to re-visit and hopefully observe progress! (last updated February 2013)

In 2008 Boston Spa Parish Council commissioned us to survey the area between Deep Dale and Holgate in order to help inform their management of the woodland along that stretch of the river.

The survey focussed in detail on the archaeobotany of the hedgerows, woodland and ground flora. The report we produced also covered the sites with archaeological, geological and historical interest. The full report is now available from the group.

The interactive trail will begin with a similar map to this. Forgive the delay, but we are preparing a new map covering a slightly larger area and more sites. 

  1. Leys Lane prehistoric flint site
  2. Wray Wood and ‘sheepwash’
  3. Early stock-control enclosure
  4. Prehistoric pit alignments
  5. Ancient track-way into Deep Dale
  6. Deep Dale information board.
  7. Jackdaw Crag carvings
  8. Limestone cliffs
  9. Ancient site by Jackdaw Crag
  10. West End Estate
  11. Managed woodland along riverside cliffs
  12. Church Fields and old field systems
  13. Disused quarries amongst the cliffs
  14. Cave
  15. Holgate
  16. Dam House and Weir